Pat B on P2P A short interview.

Pat Burgener has now released two lifestyle oriented web edits that show a bit more of his travels, music and other adventures as well as some smooth snowboarding. So we thought we’d hit him up to find out more about this project.

Hey Pat, the latest PEAK2PEAK is looking good! Can you tell us how that project came about?  
Basically when I came back from my last contest of the year in Park city, I went to see Chris Case, my cameraman in Laax and the weather turned pretty bad. Since he surfs a lot he asked me about going to Italy for a surf, I knew I had a concert on the weekend so we just thought about filming everything and creating PEAK2PEAK.

You got pretty well known as a super technical rider, but this series doesn’t seem focus on that side of your snowboarding at all. What do you want people to take away from these episodes?
After all my injuries I realized how lucky I was to live the life I’m living! And that’s what I want to show in p2p – to inspire people to just get up go see something new. To enjoy the adventure of life.

PEEK2PEEK Episode 2

Is this the direction that you want to take your snowboarding in the future? Or are you still focused on the Olympics?
I’ve had this goal, I don’t know why but I need to kill it at the Olympics and I’ll invest my time training for Korea and for sure keep posting webisodes and playing a lot of concerts.

I’ve never seen another rider do so much of their own music. Are you composing songs just for this or are they old songs of yours that just happen to fit really well?
I can compose 2 to 3 songs a day! It just depends on how much inspiration I’ve got! Inspiration is as infinite as the universe.

Pat and Chris also recently worked on this snowboarding music video together.

Who the fuck is that guy Chris and how did you end up spending half of your season filming with a salty surfer?
Chris Case! haha . He showed up in Switzerland and wanted to film snowboarding and we got along together pretty good .

Any funny stories to share about that guy?
So we were shooting the sunset in laax and the ski patrol showed up  wanting us to go down as quickly as possible cause he wanted to go home. Chris bailed and hurt his knee after 1 meter and had to slip the entire slope on his ass! Haha had to see that ski patrol guy getting pissed as it took us 1 hour to go down.

Ouch. Is he the one that talked you into going surfing in the middle of your season?
Yea! I never thought you could do that, and especially not in Europe!

Episode 1, in case you missed it.

This newest episode with the spring session footage felt a bit like the ender. Are there more episodes coming?
Yes! There is for sure more coming, the next has a really trippy soundtrack played with my brother max on the guitar and me on the synth.

Sick! Looking forward to that. Thanks for your time Pat!