Air&Style Gallery

In 1994, Reto Lamm won the first ever Air&Style. A lot has happened since then: venues changed, new locations were added and after experimenting with corners and quarter pipes it was back to big air.

One thing, however, has not changed over all these years: Swiss riders always had a strong presence at this event. And since the days of Reto Lamm, we even had a few champs like Fabien Rohrer and Colin Frei. Not to mention a certain Nicolas Müller who blew minds by attempting one footed BS 720s.

This year, a new generation of Swiss riders with, “hollow bird bones” were on the starting list: Boris Mouton, Black Dolphins Moritz Thönen & Michael Schärer, Jonas Bösiger and Carlos Gerber. Shortly before the contest, we got word that the ladies would also get the chance to compete at this year’s event and that Elena Könz and Sina Candrian were invited. With seven Swiss riders in this legendary contest, it was clear that Whiteout needed to make the journey to the beautiful city of Innsbruck.

We had a great time, witnessed Sina Candrian taking 3rd place, saw the Scandinavians and Canadians battle it out in the men’s finals and of course got to see some great live music performances.

Innsbruck, we will be back!