Saas Fee on a Shoestring

There’s no denying that summer snowboarding isn’t what it used to be. Camps are closing, glaciers are crumbling, and kids are spending more time staring at screens than riding their boards. But it’s important to appreciate that we’re still lucky to be able to ride year round in Switzerland… at least, for now. With that in mind, we caught up with a few of our favorite Laax locals to hear why they think that getting up to the glacier is always worth it. 

James Niederberger and Sevi Van Der Meer spent the weekend camping and cruising in Saas Fee. Considering that the glacier is practically in Levi Luggen’s backyard, it was only natural for him to join the fun. They documented their adventure in a series of analogue photos and audio clips. The results got us so excited to get back on our boards that we couldn’t wait to share them with you…

Travel Tip:
The best way to get to Saas Fee is by train. Get a Spaarticket from The SBB website since it will be cheaper than getting one from the machine. Because the second class trains are always full, go in to the restaurant wagon and buy a beer. It’s cosy and you can play cards.

What to Bring:
Besides the usual snowboard gear, you might want to pack some extra goodies, especially if you want to try camping. We’d recommend a gas cooker, knife, headlamp, water bottle, sun cream, hammock, sleeping bag, some food for the grill and an insulation matt (which we forgot). And don’t forget chocolate! Here’s why we think that buying fair trade is important.

Big thanks to James for the photos and the whole crew for keeping the dream of the endless winter alive. Give some love to your local glacier and let’s do our best to preserve those beautiful blocks of ice for future generations to enjoy.

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