Cluster of Fools Mini Movie, Mini Interview

The CZY Cluster kids finally dropped their new edit and we were stoked to see what our favorite new video gang could do outside of the park. Last winter was certainly not the easiest one for filming in the alps, but it’s impressive to see what they could accomplish with no budget, no filmer, no editor and a handful of weekends. That level of motivation is pretty inspiring, so we thought we’d hit up Gian Sutter to learn a little more about this project. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Cluster of Fools, and keep on scrolling to see what Gian has to say about how it all came together…

Hey Gian, tell us about all of these fools you’ve been hanging out with.
They’re some of my best homies and it’s cool to watch the edit and look back at the good times with them. We all got to know each other through snowboarding and have been riding together the last couple years. Elias Rupp is so motivated all of the time to film. One day we even filmed two spots just by ourselves because nobody else had time. Thats was so hard haha. 

Philip Boby wasn’t sure if he should join us filming at first, but after he hit his first spot, he was always down to film. Martin Lässer already has his driver’s license, so when he was there we could go farther away. Personally, I’ve never filmed together with Sam Camenzind, but he sure is a fun guy to hang out with.

Sounds like a good crew! Where did you guys do most of your filming?
There were a couple of different regions. Mostly in Davos or on some alpine passes, but also some spots near Zug and Zurich. 

I guess you were still pretty busy with school last season. How many filming days did you guys get for this project?
Yeah we only had time on the weekends, so sometimes it was a little busy. So we didn’t always manage to film with the whole crew, but everybody had about five days of filming. 


Martin Lässer behind the lens.

Damn, and it was a shitty season for snow, so in that light, you guys were pretty productive. Who was in charge of the edit?
Elias saved all of the clips on a hard drive and on his laptop during the whole season. So in the end, he edited the whole mini movie and we’re all super stoked how it came out. Thanks Bud :)

Most of your other clips have been park edits, but this one is mostly street and creative stuff. How come you didn’t include any park stuff?
Somehow we just decided to do the whole mini movie only in the streets because we feel like, along with pow, it’s the sickest thing to watch. Also we already did a couple of park edits and didn’t film much more than that. It would be sick to try to film some Pow next Season though.

Yeah, I’d be curious to see that! Hopefully we’re gonna have a heavy winter for once…
So what are your influences? Which other movies have stoked you in the past few years?
Oh, there are so many good ones. For sure all the Videograss and Postland Movies, because they always have some of the sickest street riders and filming in there. Last year I was super excited about the Bruners Video and now I’m mostly looking forward to Vans’ First Layer, the Mindset movie and 28 Winters from Nitro. 

Oh yeah! Some good stuff is in the pipeline for sure… What’s the plan for this winter?
Riding as much as possible and doing some contests too. For filming, we’re probably gonna do something with Lou Staub and Mindset Productions. 

Ah nice! Stoked to see how that turns out…
Thanks for your time Gian! Anything else you’d like to add before we wrap this up?
Thanks to everybody that came out to our premiere and shoutout to all the CC homies!


Gian Sutter, working overtime.