The ESCAPE Video A back country kicker session in Laax

With the premiere of ESCAPE’s first offering getting closer and closer, Kuno Egli decided to leak some of the behind the scenes shots from one of the many sessions that went down for this movie. Mark your agendas: Friday, 28 September, Wunderbar, Zürich will be the place to be! And scroll on to hear about a day with the ESCAPE crew… 

In early April I got to spend a day with some of the ESCAPE guys in Laax. The crew was ESCAPE mastermind / filmer / rider Lou “Mr. Backflip” Staub, Elias Rupp, Florian Fischer and Gian Sutter. I already knew Lou and had done an article with Florian for this website. I hadn’t met Elias and Gian, but I had of course seen Cluster of Fools and remembered that both of these guys already had check-outs in the mag.

Due to a conflicting shooting on the same day, I was only able to join the crew at lunch time… and I swear this wasn’t just an excuse to skip out on the building of the jump! As you can see from the pictures, it was an impressive one and some serious snow had to be moved. After the first attempt by Florian, it was obvious, that the jump still needed to be bigger. Lou made sure that everyone was doing their assigned shoveling duties correctly. You could really tell that he was applying all of his knowledge that he’d gained from his time with Mindset Productions. But enough words now, here’s a little gallery:

If you made it this far, you’ve certainly realized that attending the premier on the 28th of September in Zürich is a must!

Thanks to Kuno for the story and gallery and thanks to the ESCAPE crew for helping to keep the full video alive…

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