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Anti Social Awards III Best of November

December is already here, which means you’ll start seeing more and more clips of people slashing fresh snow. But unfortunately, you’ll probably still spend a couple more weeks at work with your board collecting dust, waiting for Santa to bring you holidays. Don’t worry, you’ll get pow soon, we promise. In the meantime, enjoy our […]


Escaping Again The Escape Movie II

Sit back, relax and enjoy… The Escape Video Crew is back with their second full length movie, now available online for free! Check the video below and be sure to scroll down for a big gallery full of bangers and good vibes from our favorite Swiss Am Crew. And if that’s not enough, then go […]


Escape Video II The Premiere

Fresh beers, good music and a great snowboard movie, it sounds like the best way to start a good night. And that’s exactly what you could find last Friday in Zürich. The Escape crew was presenting their second movie in a room packed with some of Switzerland’s finest riders. Check the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet and be sure […]