Behind the Photo with Reto Kestenholz

In this time of shortened seasons and social distancing, it’s good to celebrate life’s small victories. Reto Kestenholz told us that he’d been dreaming of shooting a wall ride on a frozen waterfall for years, so we thought we’d hit him up for a little interview and find out the story behind this unique photo… […]


The Vans Hi-Standard Comes to Laax

After a few years circling the globe, Vans finally brought their signature HI-Standard event back to Switzerland. Three years ago we joined the crew in Grindelwald and it was so much fun that we were looking forward to seeing what the Laax version of this grassroots event would be like. Unsurprisingly, it was nice… yo. […]


2019 Rookie of the Year Congrats to Martin Lässer!

For many years, we ran the Swiss Snowboard Awards next to the as a way of recognizing some of the amazing things in snowboarding that happen outside of competitions. Maybe those awards will come back someday, but for now, we just want to focus on some funny stuff  and one important category: Whiteout’s Rookie […]


A Chasa with Elena Koenz

After two trips to the Olympics, and plenty of success in competitions around the globe, you could consider Elena Koenz a seasoned veteran. But don’t expect her to start talking about retirement anytime soon. As she moves away from competition, towards more creative adventures, she’s enjoying life as a rookie all over again. Check out her first […]


Jones in Nendaz

Pierre-Charles Fayolle thought he was getting punked. Sure, he was stoked on the idea of riding in Nendaz with Jeremy Jones, but he hadn’t even entered the contest, so how could he have won? It had to be an error or a joke… right? Well it turns out that PC has a very nice girlfriend […]