FiND YOUR LiNE with Tiphanie Perrotin

Back in 2020, in her first season on the Freeride World Tour, Tiphanie Perrotin made a name for herself by finishing in second place. Two years later she entered the history books with two wins and the overall title. Now the Verbier local is giving back, sharing her knowledge with a forward thinking event called FiND YOUR LiNE. Over the course of a weekend, shell help to elevate our local female freeriders through a series of workshops focused on a healthy balance of education and fun. We caught up with her to find out more… 
Hey Tiphanie, how’s your winter going so far?
My winter started off really well with a lot of snow at the beginning of December, which is nice. But it’s always a very busy season for me with my different projects. So I try to find a balance. Between a few days of shooting, my training, and the organization of my event, FiND YOUR LiNE, I stay very busy. 
Where did the idea for FYL come from?
I love sharing my passion and knowledge and try to do it with as many people as possible. I want to bring our little community together for more fun in the mountains. It’s something that motivates me a lot. I also want to encourage women to practice and train to be more independent in this mostly male environment.
What’s the plan for this year’s FYL event?
We’ve got a busy program ahead of us with four different workshops: Avalanche Safety, Freeride, Vegi Nutrition and Mental Coaching. All of the girls who give the workshops are friends of mine, so I know it’s going to be great and super interesting. And of course there will also be a yoga class, aperitifs, films and lots of laughs. 
What’s your plan for the rest of the season?
I haven’t set the dates yet but I’m going to try to film in Canada in February and also do some freeride competitions.
I heard that you also work professionally as a physiotherapist. How do you balance that with your snowboarding?
That’s right, in the summer I work as a physiotherapist at the Geneva hospital, HUG. They always need people, so it’s quite easy for me to find work. I only do replacements so in winter I can free myself up for snowboarding.
There’s a rumor that you turned down an invitation to the Natural Selection… is that true? 
One of my sponsors offered to push my candidacy for the NS, but it was already the start of the season and I had committed to the FWT as well as my event and filming, I didn’t feel like adding that to my program and to be honest, I didn’t feel ready either. I don’t have a background as a freestyler. I still have a lot to learn.
If you could design your ideal Freeride contest, what would it look like?
Maybe it would be cool to add more of the story behind each line. That way you could show how and why you choose the face, what it took to get there and why you rode it the way that you did.
Nice idea! Thanks for your time Tiphanie! Also thanks to The Ridge Films as well as the other photographers who contributed to this story… If you want more info about Tiphanie’s event, just slide into her DMs or follow the jump.