A RAD Decade Celebrated in Goms

This season marks the RAD crew’s 10-year anniversary. What better way the give back to the community than to organize an event?

The crew from the Upper Valais teamed up with BME, Arsène Junior “Juni” Page’s CBD brand, to host the RAD x BME Winter Rash in Snowpark Goms. The Park is located in the small village of Gluringen and its base is a convenient 10 meter walk from the main road that passes through the Goms valley. Kuno Egli was on hand and hooked us up with a bunch of photos and a little report. Up first, the action…

RAD young gun Elias Lionel Lohner with a 5050 to Nose Press in the upper section.
Amon Eisenmann always brings the proper style.
Eliot Golay catching air.
The members of West were riding strong. Here’s Romeo Wicht with a tail press.
Jérôme Messmer BS Board Slide on the C-Rail.
Willi Arnold and Yannick Imboden taking a few moments off from their organizational duties and enjoying the rails. Janis Perren getting the clip.
Elias Allenspach went huge, gapping to the last part of the DFD.
Lena Müller’s Front Boards kept the cameramen happy.
Nothing better than lapping a slushy park with your friends. Eliot Golay chased by Maveric Rial.
Juni airing over the trash can with a beer in hand.

The event was promoted well and RAD’s resident hype man Willi Arnold used all of his connections to make sure that a lot of the top Swiss AMs made the trip to Gluringen: Amon Eisenmann and Yannick Messmer of Escape fame were in attendance, Man we need a cam was represented by Eliot Golay and Jeremy Bucher, the Journal crew was present thanks to Maveric Rial and Romeo Wicht. Shapers Eva-Maria Kobel and Bram van Huijstee made the trip from Grindelwald. Martina Windlin and Dan Caster held it down for Adelboden. Word of the event even got to Graubünden and Gian Oswald made the trip all the way from Davos. Here’s some of the people that made it all possible…

Huge thank you to Yannick Imboden and Willi Arnold for putting countless hours into the organization of the event!
Patricia and Valentin holding it down at the RAD merch booth.
The money man: Willi Arnold.
Juni: living up to his reputation.
In case you were wondering: yes, RAD stands for ‘Ride Always Dirty’.

Around noon, the snow started to get slushy and approximately 50 riders started charging the features. Later in the afternoon 30 minut jam sessions were held on the three bottom features. More and more spectators showed up and cheered the riders on. The pyromaniacs did their best to ensure a good show, consistently lighiting things on fire. The atmosphere was electric after the three jam sessions and Juni motivated the riders for another spontaneous session by taking off of a pole jam and airing over a burning trash can – beer in hand.

An event like this isn’t about winners and losers, but the RAD guys still handed out some awards…

Amon Eisenmann: winner of men’s overall.
Amon showing how it’s done.
Lena Müller: winner of women’s overall.
Lena’s riding was literally on fire.
Winner of the Mini Ramp Session: Ramon Notz.
Ramon in action.
Best trick: Maveric Rial.
Maveric: gap to back lip.
Best rookie: Elias Lionel Lehner.
Elias: fs270 over the barrier.
Winner of worst slam: Adi. It wasn’t pretty, so we’ll spare you the pictures.
Special Award: Gino Derivaz.
Gino kept sending the Back Flip onto the down rail and eventually got it.

After the prize giving, the crowd moved to Brig, where the restaurant De La Place hosted the after party. You can bet that there was also some delicious Raclette served! A huge thank you to the organizers and to all of the helping hands. Thank you to all the sponsors and to all the riders that made this a memorable event!