The MenthOD Talking grabs with Ralph Menth

The method is probably the most beautiful grab in snowboarding. What other grab has its own mag named after it? What other grab has its own unique variation, depending upon what continent you live on? What? You say you prefer grabbing knee? Then maybe you’re on the wrong site :) Read on for some deep grab analysis from Kuno Egli and Ralph Menth.

For an old head like myself, Ingemar Backman’s – at the time record breaking – method will forever remain one of the greatest tricks of all time. And Nicolas Müller’s method will forever remain the benchmark. An even older generation might argue, “Hey, what about Jamie Lynn’s methods?” And there we are, right in the middle of that never ending debate. What does a younger rider think of the “US style” vs. “Euro style” method? Let’s find out in a short chat with Ralph Menth.

Have you ever noticed that 4 out of 5 letters from your family name appear in the word method?
No, not really, but now that you mention it…

So the method must be your favorite grab, right?
For straight airs it certainly is. Who doesn’t like a good method?


Ralph Menth with a proper method in Grindelwald © Kuno Egli

What’s your favorite Method you’ve ever seen?
There are so many that come to mind. I can’t narrow it down to a single one since there are so many different styles.

Who has the best Method, in Switzerland and worldwide?
I really like Stale’s… the way that he stretches his whole body. Then there are the beautiful ones of Danny Davis and Arthur Longo.

In Switzerland I’d give the award for best methods to David Hablützel and Florian Fischer.


All smiles on a powder day © Kuno Egli

What is the key to a good Method?
To make it look good, the tail has to be a little higher in the air than the nose but not too high. The non-grabbing arm and the rear leg should be fully extended.

To properly execute one, leave the lip of the jump with a good pop. Grab the board first and only then tweak it. Hold it for a second to allow the photog to get a good picture. Return the tweak to just grabbing your board. Do all of this in a calm and controlled manner without flapping with your arms.


Inverted method... on a shovel in the Bernese Oberland. © Kuno Egli

Do you prefer ‘euro style’ with the grab in front of the bindings? Or ‘US style’ with the grab behind the bindings?
Euro style.

Who do you think has the best switch Method in Switzerland and worldwide?
For me it is Danny Davis and David Hablützel once again. Especially since it’s even harder to do a good switch method in the pipe.

I also remember a switch method from Niklas Mattsson from a long time ago that looked like it was a regular one.


Ralph, working on his switch methods in Grindelwald. © Kuno Egli

What is the key to the switch Method?
I just imagine doing a normal method and then mirroring the movement.

What’s your second favorite grab?
For me it is more about the trick. My personal favorites are:
Backside 7 and 1 melon.
Frontside 7 tail or melon.
Frontside 3 indy.
Switch backside 5 switch nose.
Backside 5 indy tailbone.

Good stuff! We’re looking forward to seeing a video part from you with all of those combos soon…