Park Gamblers Western Switzerland's Local Park Tour

You never know what you’ll get when you show up at your local park. Sometimes it’s perfect, sometimes it’s icy. What matters most is the good vibe that you bring with you. Our favorite filmer babe, Elisa Chavaillaz went on a little road trip to visit her local parks in western Switzerland. Here’s what she found…

Episode 01 ▽ Les Crosets

Featuring : Igor Wandfluh, Maveric Rail, Jonas Thiemard, Fred Couderc and Lionel Moerch.

Episode 02 ▽ Villars

Featuring : Laura Hebbel, Charles Balsan, Simon Ciompi and Sacha Rey.

Episode 03 ▽ Crans Montana

Featuring : Pat Burgener, Corentin Python and Matthieu Paillex.