Feeding the Addiction in Zermatt

It sounds cliché, but snowboarding is like a drug for me. Man, did I suffer when I got cut off due to the sudden end of of 19/20 season.

A few solo split-board missions helped me get through March and April. Crans-Montana offered a short ten day fix for us in June. And finally, Zermatt started serving up the white stuff again in July. I headed up there for some laps and a few photos on the opening day…

Willi Arnold, Tail Slide
Willi Arnold, FS Invert
Valentin Zimmermann, Hiking (for the children)
Valentin Zimmermann, Nose Slide
Jay Scherzinger, Summer Vibes
Pierre Clivaz, with or without wheels

Last call is on July 26th, so if you’re suffering through withdrawal, you might want to head up there before Zermatt’s Summer Sesh is over.