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Whiteout x Virginia ZRCL W / B

CHF 45.00

Our friends at ZRCL make traceable shirts held to the highest ethical and ecological values. They were kind enough to provide some high quality blanks for the talented Virginia Fleming to draw on.

About the designer:

The creative force behind Virginia Fleming’s work derives from her surroundings and her present state of mind. Having grown up on three continents she was exposed to different cultures and people from all walks of life from an early age. These experiences have enriched her creative thinking as well as helped shape the person she is today.

Virginia recently earned her art degree in London, a city known for its buzzing energy and dynamism. Throwing herself into a fast pace of life full of challenges and rewards, it was there that she started to develop her distinctive style. In her recent work, it can be seen that she draws a lot of inspiration from landscapes, combining rural with urban, mapping out an abstract, imaginary world of her own. However, if you look closely, you will find familiar motifs. Most of her work combines the rigid quality of geometry with contrasting organic forms, incorporating elements from other artistic genres such as tribal art, cubism and street art.

While Virginia loved living in such an artistic, cultural melting pot, she was constantly longing for something else, a different environment, one far from the hustle and bustle. Not only is she passionate about art, but also nature and in particular the Alpine environment. Snowboarding subsequently became an addiction. Before making her way to London, she spent a season working as a snowboarding instructor in the Engadine, spending every free moment on her board.

Virginia states “There is something so magical about mountains, so raw, mysterious; it’s just you, your thoughts and no boundaries. Just like completing a piece of work, you feel pure joy at the end of the day”.

For Virginia, it’s all about exceeding her boundaries, getting out of her comfort zone and most of all being spontaneous. This is the maxim she tries to live by.  It’s what makes the creative process and her life exciting. Maybe that is why she packed her bags and moved back to Switzerland. The lure of the Alps and the inspiration they provide were just too much to resist.

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