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Whiteout x West Unfollow

CHF 550.00

We finally got the chance to make our own board! A 157 all terrain snow-devouring machine. We did a super limited run of 50 boards and there are only a couple left. Are you an Unfollower?

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SKU: woww157

Product Description

About the Board

For this collaboration it didn’t feel right to make yet another board with a big ass logo on the base. Instead, we wanted to take the opportunity to spread a message that we believe in. In recent years Whiteout and West have chosen to swim against the tide, creating our own unique paths in snowboarding. While the “unfollow” message might mean different things to different people, one thing is certain: This is a board is for leaders. 

Strap in. Drop out. Unfollow. 

About the Artist

Laax local and longtime Whiteout contributor, Aaron Schwartz was a natural choice for this project. His photos and illustrations have been an ongoing theme in our magazine for years and his unique style was the perfect fit for translating our ideas into art. See more of his work on www.aaronschwartz.ca.


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