Two Days in Zermatt Shred & Chill

If you really need to scratch that shred-itch during the off-season, Switzerland is a pretty decent place to be. Plenty of glaciers operate during the summer months and some of them come stacked with above average snow parks. Saas-Fee and Zermatt are amongst the favourites for anyone looking to get their pre-season shred on. Highly recommended, if you’re sick of lying on the beach or don’t enjoy surfing all that much.

I had just gotten back from New York a few days prior, when my roommates James Niederberger and Jah Harris sprung the idea of heading up to Zermatt. I hadn’t gone snowboarding in the summer for a few years, and I’d never seen the Matterhorn, so I figured “what the hell, why not!”. We met up with Jeron Lohner and Patrick Camenzind along the way and spent a nice weekend in a slushy park, enjoyed the warm late-summer sunshine, and ate one of the best burgers in the world at a place called the Brown Cow Pub.

For a little MiniDV edit by Jeron, click here.

Text & Images by Aaron Schwartz.