Summer in Zermatt with Elena Könz

Last summer, Elena Könz and Kuno Egli showed us what the Saas-Fee snowpark had to offer. It was so much fun that we decided to reunite the team in Zermatt this year. Since Elena recently resigned from the Swiss National Team, we figured that it was also a good opportunity to learn more about her plans for […]


Top to Bottom with Elena Koenz

Last month we visited Snowpark Zermatt. Snowpark Saas-Fee opened its doors a week later and we wanted to see what the park looks like. Since we got word that our interview partner from last year’s issue 41 – Elena Koenz – is currently in Sass-Fee, we sent contributing photographer Kuno Egli to join her for […]


Air&Style Gallery

In 1994, Reto Lamm won the first ever Air&Style. A lot has happened since then: venues changed, new locations were added and after experimenting with corners and quarter pipes it was back to big air. One thing, however, has not changed over all these years: Swiss riders always had a strong presence at this event. […]