Higher Learning Mat Schaer X CREA at 3600m

It’s no secret that Mat Schaer has goals that go far beyond his yearly video parts. Now that he’s finishing up his masters degree, he’s jumping into a bunch of new projects, including a new film and some seminars with local university students from his home town. Check out a few moments on the summit of the Saas Fee glacier, from his recent involvement in the Jones Snowboard workshop with CREAThe challenge for the students was to double down on sustainability, while being emerged in the the snowboard industry for 12 days. 

Climate change effects all of us, so it’s pretty inspiring to see educators, pros and business leaders engaging with local students to try to spread info and find solutions. After a seminar with Matt Lee from Doodah and snowboard movie screenings in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, we’re excited to see what ideas this next generation of bright minds will have for the future.

Thanks to CREA for inviting us, Julien Roserens for the film and edit, and all of the educators involved for sharing their knowledge in one of our favorite spots for snowboarding.