hill jam 8 results and gallery

Hill Jam 8 is history but if you missed it, we’ve got the full recap video and a big photo gallery. Music, parties and freestyle…. What more could you want?

Thanks to Tino Scherer and Daniel Heller for all of the great photos!

Snowboard Results
1. Markus Mathis (SUI, Belp)
2. Martin Lässer (SUI, Edlibach)
3. Gian Andrea Sutter (SUI, Pfäffikon)
4. Alessandro Boyens (GER / SUI, Saas Fee)
5. Moritz Boll (SUI, Davos)

Snowboard Rookies Results
1. Samuel Camenzind (SUI, Rigi-Kaltbad)
2. Cédric Neff (SUI, Henggart)
3. Denis Brochier (GER / SUI, Wil)